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Melissa 1 H Crop

TSOS Article Rated #1 in 2016

BYU Magazine readers rated TSOS founding member Melissa Dalton-Bradford's article titled "Strangers No More" their most popular article in 2016. 

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Napcp Photo

NAPCP Recognition

I was approached by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers to do an interview when they first heard about our project. 

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Newsworthy Group Standing

KSL Television Interview

I was so impressed with the way this KSL team handled this very important subject in their report entitled Latter-day Saints in Europe: Faith, Hope and Charity. 

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Running Water H Crop

Running Water on Tour

Good news - the painting 'Running Water' got into the Zion Art Society Competition. It will run from 24 Sept to 13 October I believe. It will then travel with 24 other paintings to a show in conjunction with the Oakland Temple Open House for October and November.

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Strangers No More

Eyes speak. That morning at the Limburg refugee camp, I heard volumes.“Guten Tag,” I said, tipping my head toward the man sitting alone at the end of the table. One of the dozens of refugees I’d met while volunteering as a German teacher in camps near Frankfurt, he had drawn my attention more than once.

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