Major Objectives

Through art, photography, videography, and stories, TSOS humanizes refugees, creating a sense of empathy and kinship between the refugee and the far-off foreigner experiencing the refugee’s story. To create this experience and to truly change hearts and minds, TSOS relies on skilled and dedicated artisans. 

The Volunteer Chief Video Producer (CVP) works virtually from any location worldwide and serves as one of several artistic leaders on the TSOS Storytelling Team. The CVP plans videography during story collection trips, coordinating which videographers will join, how videos will be taken, and to guide the content of the stories told through that medium. After trips the CVP continues to work with leaders in story collection and storytelling to ensure the team of videographers edit and prepare videos in a way that truly does justice to the stories of the refugee and the artistic medium of publication.

Major Responsibilities

Vision and Management

  • Develop a vision for the TSOS Video Production Team, including goals, aspirations, and commitments 
  • Review any potential videography candidates and determine who will be invited to join TSOS
  • Supervise smaller-scale videography work, such short amateur videos for social media
  • Keep informed of the schedules of videographers
  • Ensure video clips are stored and organized in a clean, secure, consistent, and accessible place

Story Collection

  • Support story collection trip planning by clearly articulating the needs of the Video Production Team, such as setting for collecting videos
  • Ensure a videographer is available for story collection trips, by either participating as a videographer or providing a member of the TSOS Video Production Team

Story Telling

  • Provide completed videos for publishing as requested, either by locating and editing videos personally or by delegating to other videographers
  • Provide additional details about videos as requested to enhance stories or social media posts


The role of CVP requires about 3-10 hours of work per week. The CVP commits to attend bi-monthly TSOS teleconference calls and Storytelling Leadership Team meetings as necessary. Nearly full-time commitment will be required during actual collection trips on which the CVP is participating.

TSOS respects the needs of volunteers to balance other home and professional commitments. The DST will work with the CVP to ensure that communication, meetings, and commitments align within the volunteer’s boundaries and availability.


Both the Director of Storytelling (DST) and the Director of Story Collection (DSC) will meet with the Chief Video Producer (CVP) to clarify responsibilities and provide a sense for the photographic needs over the next six months. The DST and DSC will check-in regularly with the CVP to collaborate on vision and planning.


The Chief Photographer is managed by the Director of Storytelling. The CVP is considered a member of the Storytelling Team, which consists of:

  • The Content Packaging Team
  • The Video Production Team
  • The Photography Team
  • The Writing Team
  • The Social Media Team
  • Translation Services
  • The Art Team

Get in Touch

Reach out and let us know if you would like to volunteer.