Major Objective

The Volunteer Development Manager (DFM) plays a critical role in advancing the mission and vision of Their Story Our Story (TSOS) by ensuring it has the financial means to collect and tell stories of refugees and to better their situations worldwide. The DFM will work to help the organization creatively develop a network of funders and foundations by inspiring confidence in TSOS’s role and impact as a unique partner in service of the refugee community. By helping to expand support for TSOS, the DFM will enable the organization to reach new communities of refugees globally and to tell their stories in new venues and mediums across Europe and the US.


The Development Manager reports directly to the Director of External Relations and participates on a team with the Managers of Program Evaluation, Public Relations, and Networking. Once recruited, the Development Manager will supervise a team of grant writers.

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop an annual fundraising plan with specific and measurable goals and objectives Cultivate partnerships with foundations
  • Research public and private funding opportunities to create a diverse and sustainable funding base for TSOS
  • Coordinate the development of new grant proposals
  • Ensure fundraising and grant compliance
  • Collaborate with other TSOS leaders to coordinate and plan fundraising events
  • Identify and sustain individual donors by coordinating mailings and creating opportunities for engagement
  • Collaborate with the Program Evaluation Manager to produce and disseminate an annual impact report and other donor-centric communications
  • Develop a clear message about TSOS’s purpose in fundraising; work with other teams to ensure this message is appropriately articulated online, at events, and by TSOS spokespersons
  • Advise on the creation of online tools for making donations Design a method to track and monitor contact with donors

Position Requirements

  • A passion for helping TSOS fulfill its mission
  • Experience with fundraising and communications
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Proven track record in donor and foundation relations and successful development of grant proposals Ability to coordinate with individuals across teams to organize successful events or grant applications


The Development Manager will receive a training orientation to learn about TSOS as an organization. The DFM will also be invited to participate in a TSOS interview trip to learn more about the story collection side of the organization.


This position will require 5 and 10 hours of volunteer work per week. More time may be required occasionally for specific events or grant deadlines. The DFM also commits to attend monthly TSOS teleconference calls and External Relations team meetings as necessary.  TSOS respects the needs of volunteers to balance other home and professional commitments. The Director of External Relations will work with the DFM to ensure that communication, meetings, and commitments align within the volunteer’s boundaries and availability.

Get in Touch

Reach out and let us know if you would like to volunteer.